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Ms. City of Angels 2015...


 Meghan is crowned Ms. City of Angels on May 31st, 2014 in her first time ever competing in a pageant. She holds the title of Ms. City of Angels for one year. Meg has teamed up with organizations in the Los Angeles area to assist in spreading awareness and giving back to the community. Meghan and her sister queens have partnered with the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The queens have helped to spread awareness for the positive work that the zoo is doing to make a difference in the animals lives, especially some of their endangered species as well as helping to shine a light on their conservation efforts. Meg also continues her work with her own non-profit organization, Noonetime Charities, and will be back in Kenya, Africa in September and October of 2014. She will hold an annual 'Dada Meghan Girls' Football Club' Tournament to empower woman and children with HIV, AIDS, and Malaria through the sport of soccer. Noonetime Charities will also be working on The Kunya Water and Sanitation Project providing access to clean water, toilets, sinks, and showers and assisting in the movement to stop the spread of disease .

The pageant has opened many doors for Meghan. She has become a spokesperson and brand ambassador for Hair Moringa. Hair MORINGA™ is a hair care brand that is set apart from the rest. Its main active ingredient, Moringa, derived from the Moringa tree is a nutritional powerhouse. While around for centuries, only recently was it introduced to hair care manufacturers as being a unique source of nourishment and was recently recognized as the number one antioxidant. To view Meghan’s testimonial click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbo5T1C-C8s

For more information on Hair Moringa, please visit their website: http://hairmoringa.com

Isagenix has assisted Meghan to stay in top form physically. She assists others in reaching their health and wellness goals. For more information on Isagenix, to join Meghan’s Isagenix team, or to order products please visit Meghan’s personal Isagenix Home Page here: http://mnoone.isagenix.com or email Meghan directly with any questions at megnoone11@hotmail.com.

Meghan has been asked to attend many red carpet charity events in Los Angeles as Ms. City of Angels. NuMusicSpin presented a Fundraiser Gala for MyFriends House Foundation “It’s like Home” at Busby’s East June 29, 2014. To view media coverage of Meghan and her sister queens in action on the red carpet click here: http://samirashow.com/numusicspin-presents-fundraiser-gala-for-myfriends-house-founation-at-busbys-east/

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