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A Little Bit About Meghan...

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Meg Noone began modeling, spokes modeling and acting in Hawaii before moving to Los Angeles where she currently resides. Sports, particularly soccer, have played a significant role in her life, helping to mold her as an athlete, fit model and philanthropist. She has played soccer since the age of 5 and played throughout her high school and college years. She has coached high school and youth soccer and continues to play on various adult soccer leagues in the Los Angeles area. Meghan also worked as a teacher for children with special needs for many years. Through those experiences she learned how important is to give back and help others in need.

Meg has a passionate love for photography, both in front of, and behind the camera. Before modeling, Meg studied photography in college as part of her curriculum as a Criminal Justice major. One of her photography professors submitted a few of her pictures into a competition and Meg ended up winning first place. Upon moving to Hawaii after college in 2001, Meg was spotted playing in a match on a soccer field and was asked by a talent scout to be a part of a 'photo shoot' for a local Hawaii magazine showcasing a summer swim suit and clothing line. Taking what she had learned in class and from her personal experience, she was able to make her mark and showcase her talent in front of the camera. She signed with an agent right away and immediately began auditioning and booking print and commercial work. Although Meg's top three choices are print work, fit modeling work, and producing, she continues to polish her acting skills and is currently enrolled in a hosting/broadcasting class to broaden her scope. Meghan is currently being represented by model and talent agencies in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Meghan also runs Noonetime Charities, a 501c3 non profit organization, which she founded in 2011 to empower women and children struggling with HIV, AIDS and Malaria. Meg's passion and zest for life is fueled by her commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.  Her philanthropic work started in 2008 when Meghan was asked by producer/director, Ray Johnston, to be part of a documentary on modern day Africa. This remarkable journey had a profound effect on her. She had the opportunity to visit with the Massai and Samburu Tribes, learn about their culture, and share her soccer skills and knowledge with the children at Mama Na Dada.

After hearing from the male teachers in the village that the girls were considered too slow and too weak to play sports, Meghan realized the journey for women in Africa was a very different one from what she knew growing up in America, the land of opportunity. Many life lessons and parallels can be learned on the playing field. Meghan understood that through soccer these women could become empowered. Combining her love of soccer and working with children led Meghan to create the first girls soccer team at Mama Na Dada, now known as "Dada Meghan Girls' Football Club." The passion and freedom soccer brought to her life enabled her to gain a sense of discipline, motivation, and self worth. It is Meghan's hope that through the game of soccer these women and children will learn some of the lessons she learned and attain their goals in life no matter how difficult.

After one month in Kenya, Meghan returned to Los Angeles to spread awareness for Mama Na Dada and raise funds to make the soccer team a reality. She shared her story with the producers of Ryan Seacrest's TV show, "Bank of Hollywood." She became a contestant on the show and won $22,000 for the Soccer Team and The Circle of Hope Day Care.

After seeing the tremendous impact that the donation had on Mama Na Dada and realizing that so much more is needed, Meghan decided to launch Noonetime Charities to continue to financially support Mama Na Dada and other orphanages in Africa in desperate need of funding. Meg returns to Africa every year to continue her work there! To learn more information about Noonetime Charities, please visit www.noonetimecharities.org

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