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Announcing the Publication of Meghan Noone’s
Inspiring Literary Debut,
“Where Faith Led Me”

Independent publisher Ray Charles Patterson of Epic Recruitment International and actress/model/producer Meghan Noone are thrilled to present the publication of Meghan Noone’s new book, “Where Faith Led Me.”

In her very personal, uplifting, and engaging literary debut, Los Angeles based actress, model and producer Meghan Noone invites you along to share in a remarkable journey that took her across the globe and into the depths of her soul. She opens the doors of her heart to you as she recounts two seemingly separate experiences, one occurring in Africa, the other in Hollywood, which would come to be divinely interwoven, simultaneously bringing joy, healing, and empowerment to both Meghan and a special group of women and girls she would come to encounter in Kenya.

At a point in her life where she found herself feeling stuck, desperately in need of change, and searching to find a deeper meaning and sense of purpose in her life, Meghan is asked to join her friend, producer/director and spiritual healer Ray Johnston, as he journeys across the world to document modern day Africa. It is there where the adventures begin for Meghan, and blossom into a voyage of both global exploration and deep personal discovery.

Her travels eventually lead her to a life-changing encounter with the children at Mama Na Dada, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the empowerment of African girls and women. It is here where she is inspired to create this African village’s first girls soccer program, bringing her passion and expertise of the sport to help foster empowerment and important life skills through team cooperation, discipline, leadership development, motivation, and self-esteem. It is also here where Meghan’s newfound sense of her authentic self and true purpose are powerfully ignited, and where dreams are brought to fruition, as a new chapter of life for both Meghan and the girls of Mama Na Dada begins.

Interestingly, it would be upon Meghan’s return to Los Angeles where she would embark on yet another journey, this one taking her through a medical nightmare and arduous road to recovery. And it is here where she would draw upon the strength, lessons, and her new sense of self discovered in Africa, which would help lead Meghan to an even deeper healing and further personal growth. At the same time, throughout this challenging process, Meghan continued to spread awareness for Mama Na Dada and raise funds to make the soccer team a reality.

An incredibly inspiring and beautiful spiritual journey, “Where Faith Led Me” travels various roads of self-discovery and self-love, learning, compassion, forgiveness, healing, strength, hope, faith, and rebirth. Meghan Noone’s story is a compelling and divine circle of events and experiences, an intimate trip through both outer and inner terrain. It opened up doors to the world, as well as to herself; and in sharing her story, Meghan hopes it will help do the same for the fortunate reader who chooses to join her.

NOTE:  Meghan's book coming soon in an e-book format.  For book inquiries email Meghan at megnoone11@hotmail.com

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